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by GOD simple - Deleted chars
11 December 2019 (22:25)
I am very sorry about deleted characters, someone decided to make server testing more difficult and used my account with admin & god privileges to delete everything he could via Admin Page.

I did mistake by using 111111 / 111111 account but didn't think that this matters while we are testing and improving server, I was wrong.

Restarted server with higher rates to give chance to test server another few days.
Exp: x250
Skill: x50
Mlvl: x25
Loot: x10
Spawn: x2

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team

by GOD simple - Help us with rates
11 December 2019 (22:15)
We are making this free to play non profit server for players, so in my opinion players should decide what kind of rates will be on DevlandOT.

For this purpose I did new channel on our Discord server which will help us make the best decision - #rates-vote-poll 

Simply add thumbs up or thumbs down and if you have different idea for rates, please leave it in #suggestions 

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team

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