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Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
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Outfit Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
img Last Knight 70 Elite Knight
img Adeptan 28 Paladin
img Khar zhox 9 Paladin
img Phikar 27 Sorcerer
img Xoxo 27 Knight
img Yotsubatso 16 Knight
img Zerberker GoodNibbas 203 Elite Knight
img Spiro GoodNibbas 140 Elite Knight
img Razhor GoodNibbas 234 Royal Paladin
img Agiel GoodNibbas 285 Royal Paladin
img Grzmotek 29 Master Sorcerer
img Just Me GoodNibbas 200 Elite Knight
img Makandal 78 Enlightened Shaman
img Suchy GoodNibbas 228 Elder Druid
img Enchantress 42 Enlightened Shaman
img Pinkunicorn GoodNibbas 277 Royal Paladin